Original Dark 70%


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Taste Notes: This is the original blend and is crafted with cacao powder, 100% cacao liquor and sweetened only with unrefined coconut blossom sugar. Notes of stone fruit, almonds and ripe berries are rounded off with hints of toffee and lingering dark chocolate.

Making Process: When creating our blends we source and taste chocolate from many cacao varieties and origins to find the right balance of flavour and texture.
We produce our small batches of Mörk hot chocolate by finely grating the pure cacao liquor and blending it with the cocoa powder and coconut blossom sugar. A great deal of care is taken with every step of the process to ensure it always tastes as good as we can make it.

We serve up Mörk Hot Chocolate in our coffee shop and it really is on a whole other level taste wise - delicious! We have more than a few regulars who come by for their daily hit!

Cacoa: 70%
Area : Venezuela