Speciality Coffee Beans 1kg


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Need more coffee than our explorer boxes? Want to stick to one flavour profile for the month? If so, this is the perfect option for you. 

Go large with a 1kg bag of the finest speciality coffee beans (equivalent to 4 of our standard bags). 

We have a new delivery for November Barn Door Espresso from Curious Roo and from Lagger's a delicious Columbian filter - El Rubi.

Comes beautifully packaged and includes our KOA card and taste notes.

We are passionate about coffee - not just the taste - but the journey it has been on. Buying from independent roasters means that we know the coffee has been grown with care, on small holder farms, using sustainable growing methods and the farmers have been paid a fair price. Furthermore, the roasting process takes real technique, attention and care to unlock the incredible level of flavours and aromas that all the coffees we sell have in common.

How many cups per bag?
We estimate around 15 - 18g of beans per cup of coffee (depending on the type and roast) - so we reckon this box will give you approx 65 cups per month

Filter or Espresso?
As a general rule if you have a specialist espresso coffee maker then espresso roast is for you. Filter roasts tend to give a cleaner, sweeter coffee taste - perfect if you are brewing your coffee with a drip system such as V60 or press method such as Aeropress or a Cafétierre. However, if you prefer a darker more ‘roasted’ flavour espresso beans can also be brewed using the filter brew methods above - in particular Aeropress.

More questions? 
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