What makes the coffee, chocolate (and tea) in our boxes special?


image from Round Hill Roastery

We are passionate about coffee - not just the taste - but the journey it has been on. Buying from independent roasters means that we know the coffee has been grown with care, on small holder farms, using sustainable growing methods and the farmers have been paid a fair price. Furthermore, the roasting process takes real technique, attention and care to unlock the incredible level of flavours and aromas that all the coffees we sell have in common.

image from Round Hill Roastery

The coffee in our boxes may well cost more than a bag of beans from a supermarket shelf - but these values and the quality and taste that come with them are what you are paying for. Coffee is political and it's good to know that your purchase is supporting not only the farmers and their families but the environment and the independent roastery and their employees back here in the UK. There are no big corporations at play here!

There are huge similarities in the coffee and chocolate world and all that we have stated above is also relevant to the chocolate you will find in your boxes. All our chocolate is made with a huge amount of care, using natural ingredients by independent makers.

We are really excited to now add tea to our boxes - a variety of whole-leaf tea blends from Nemi - a London based tea company who provide employment to refugees to give them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and help them integrate into broader society.

image from Bare Bones Chocolate

For more details and info on what's in our boxes this month check out our Roaster & Chocolatier Spotlight here.

These are some of the Roasters and Chocolatiers that we have worked with in the past or will be included in future boxes.